Rainbow Patriots

2017, scarf, 140x17 cm

A patriotic scarf with the rainbow slogan "RAINBOW PATRIOTS" together with the national symbols of Poland. Producing this scarf was difficult because most Polish companies did not agree to make it. The project complements the recording of a telephone conversation with a company employee who cancels the order, because of the combination of the term rainbow patriots and the Polish emblem. He said it insulted the emblem.

Currently in Poland, the concept of patriotism is appropriated by the conservative right-wing. On the other hand, the rainbow is a symbol used by LGBT movements associated with the left-wing. These two opposite issues meet on one scarf, which is a manifestation of dialogue and an attempt to find a common element between two opposite appropriated ideas.

Scarves are available for barter. You can get one!

Thanks to Kuba Borkowicz, who started the action of designing scarves by artists. They were presented at the exhibition Oficyna SS//17 in the gallery 9/10 in Poznań.